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Striving for success on today's e-business marketplaces calls for the skills of reliable hosting services. As a customer you will be able to benefit twofold from the data centres of our partner in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt: up-to-date technology makes the most of your online presence while the installation of a company-owned in-house web server has been made redundant by our competitive pricing.

Technical features

Excellent performances owed to redundant optical backbone at a band width of 65 GBit/s connected to Level (3), LambdaNet, ECIX, DE-CIX, Global Crossing, T-Online and bellaxa.
Easy scalability for fast growing online-presences.
Modern safety measures like access control over several levels.
Intelligent traffic-load-balancing to effectively distribute the load on several servers.
Full-time monitoring of the complete network structure and system hardware 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.
Technical support service.

Physical features

Smoke detector and fire protection with argon pressure gas extinguishing system.
Redundant power supply with double supply lines, back-up batteries, water cooling system and diesel generators.
Redundant climate control with main and back-up cooling system, cooling towers and water tank.
Local network observation centre (NOC) to monitor the data centre.

Safety features

Security service 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.
Electronic access control to the data centre via biometrical hand scanner.
Video control.
Electronic key-management-system with individually secured room units.