100% green energy

CO2-neutral electricity from renewable energy

Our hosting partner in Germany operates its data centers exclusively with CO2-neutral, renewably generated electricity, thus avoiding the emission of more than 9 kilotons of CO2 per year.

Data centers, often with thousands of servers, are the biggest power guzzlers in the IT industry. With increasing miniaturization, the energy density required for this and, as a further consequence, the cooling requirements are also constantly increasing.

30% higher energy efficiency of the data center

Our partner's data center is 30% more energy efficient than a conventional data center.

Via free cooling, cool outside air is brought directly into the room to be cooled, reducing energy requirements by up to 33%. Infinitely variable EC (electronic commutation) fans allow efficiencies of 90% and reduce consumption by a further 21%.

Overall, energy savings of over 4 GWh per year can be achieved through all measures.

100% RECS certified electricity

100% of the electricity used comes from renewable energy sources, namely hydroelectric power plants in Norway.

This green electricity is certified according to the international RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) standard.


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