To realize optimized and self-explanatory user's surfaces

Design is the layout of the software’s graphical surface, the interface between humans and machines.

GUI design characterizes what the user can see of the software, what stretches beyond mere functioning. Fashion makes clothes of cloth, recipes make dishes of food: good GUI design makes applications of algorithms providing them with an up-to-date and ergonomic form.

GUI design is clearly advantageous

GUI design is clearly advantageous: Good GUI design allows to develop new applications more quickly; it facilitates efficient working and results in a higher degree of consumer satisfaction; it brings about a decrease in the number of mistakes and better recognition; it contributes to shorter training periods, consistency and “corporate identity” for company-wide operated applications and to the reutilization of universal elements created independently from any program – no software developer should have to do without these advantages!

Bad GUI design reduces acceptance, attractiveness and responsiveness of software. Have you ever been annoyed by an application? Very probably it was not due to software problems, but because of a bad surface design.

GUI design? – Anything but superficial.